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New look. Same great parts.

At GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco, we have always strived to blend our long history of quality and expertise with cutting-edge innovation that keeps us moving forward. We’ve streamlined our branding and our packaging for a bold new look that simplifies the process of selecting the parts that best fit your needs—but rest assured that the parts inside the packaging are the same quality products you’ve come to know and trust. We’ve broken down our premium portfolio of Original Equipment and aftermarket parts into three tiers: GM Genuine Parts or ACDelco Original Equipment, ACDelco Gold, and ACDelco Silver. Read on to learn more about each tier.

GM Genuine Parts & ACDelco Branded Parts Packages Laid Out on Ground


Now identified by blue metallic packaging, GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco Original Equipment are the true OE parts installed during production or validated by GM, for GM vehicles—designed, engineered, and tested to rigorous standards and backed by General Motors.

GM Genuine OE Parts Benefits - OE Designed, Engineered & Tested
ACDelco Gold Branded Parts Packages on Store Self


Formerly referred to as our “Professional” line, ACDelco Gold parts are the high-quality alternative to OE parts, manufactured to meet GM expectations for fit, form, and function and backed by General Motors.

ACDelco Silver Line Battery Being Installed in Vehicle


Formerly referred to as our “Advantage” line, ACDelco Silver parts are a quality high-value option for most makes and models, backed by General Motors.


Our new packaging is designed with simple visual cues that make it easy to find and select your perfect parts. We’ve broken down the elements of our new design below for a closer look.

(Also, keep in mind that as we transition to our new design, some of our products are still in the original packaging—whichever design appears on your product’s box, it will always contain the high-quality GM parts you expect.)

GM Genuine Parts & ACDelco Original Parts Packaging


GM Genuine Parts & ACDelco New Parts Packaging


GM Genuine Original Equipment Parts Ribbon


Whether GM Genuine Parts or ACDelco, an Original Equipment part can always be identified by the Genuine GM OE Flag on the package.

ACDelco & GM Genuine Parts Branded Parts Packaging Color Tiers - Blue, Gold & Silver


The three tiers of our premium parts portfolio can be immediately identified by the color of the packaging—blue metallic indicates GM Original Equipment parts, gold metallic indicates ACDelco Gold parts, and silver metallic indicates ACDelco Silver parts.

ACDelco & GM Genuine Parts Branded Parts Packaging Dot Indicator Diagram


Each tier can also be identified by the pattern of dots on the bottom-right corner of the package. Three dots indicate a GM Original Equipment part, two dots indicate an ACDelco Gold part, and one dot indicates an ACDelco Silver part.

ACDelco Parts Packaging with Multiple Language Translations


We are a global brand, catering to people all over the world. Each of our packages includes a multi-language translation for the benefit of our consumers.

GM Genuine Parts Packaging QR Code


Each package contains a QR code to easily connect you to our worldwide page—so no matter where you are, you can find the information you need.

ACDelco Gold Brand Battery


Want the complete list of our rebranded products? Download the pdf below for additional information.

Vehicle Technician Inspecting GM Genuine Part for Authenticity


We do everything in our power to help ensure you are purchasing legitimate GM parts. Our new branding includes additional security measures to further protect our customers. Learn more by visiting the link below.

GM Genuine Parts Engine & Transmission


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