GM Genuine Parts Technician Fixing Cracked Headlight

There are parts, and then there are Genuine GM Parts collision and auto body parts

There are parts, and then there are GM Genuine Parts collision and auto body parts

You might not know the difference, but the difference is worth knowing.

Only GM Genuine Parts are designed, engineered, and tested by GM to fit the exact specifications of your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicle. So when you use GM Genuine Parts collision parts, you can expect precise fit and easy installation, as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle is restored as close to its original, pre-collision condition as possible.

While there are a lot of aftermarket collision parts to choose from, there’s only one original manufacturer. Generic, non-Original Equipment (Non-OE) products and auto body parts are made to provide an alternative, but nothing in the generic aftermarket can guarantee to match the fit, finish, and durability you can be assured of when you use GM Genuine Parts collision and auto body parts.


GM Genuine parts Non-oe parts
Designed to GM’s safety requirements May not have crumple zones or meet manufacturer’s stringent safety requirements
Precise fit May leave unsightly gaps between body panels
Quick installation May require workarounds and more time to get parts to fit
Primed and ready for paint May not be primed, affecting paint adhesion and overall finish quality
Verified build quality No guarantee of material or design quality
Proven structural integrity Unknown integrity
Maintains resale value Ill-fitting parts and build quality could affect car’s resale value
Chevrolet Truck with Collision Part Holograms


Certainty Starts Here: with the GM OE collision repair parts that keep a GM a GM.

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